by Catherine Snodgrass

ISBN: 0-00000-000-0
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1870 London

There seems to be no other way out of it. Rebecca is trapped. Her family is determined to either marry her to a horrid man or send her off to China on a boat in order to be a nanny for her aunt's newest addition to her brood. So, Rebecca Sanderson, a spirited young woman, climbs out of her window and runs away straight into the arms (or carriage, rather) of a handsome man. Taking pity on the poor girl, the man, introducing himself as Jonathon Dillon, convinces her to return to her house and take the boat to China. After all, he argues, there will be many ports from which she could choose if she really wants to be free and live her own life. All she has to do is find a likely city and disembark.

Rebecca sees the wisdom in this, and lets the handsome man accompany her back home. The next day she prepares her baggage with a lighter heart. However, once on the boat, she's stunned to find out that the captain is none other than Jonathon Dillon! Captain Dillon is just as surprised to find the ravishing young woman he can't seem to chase from his mind. The voyage soon turns into a shipboard romance.

But Catherine Snodgrass is never content with a straightforward romance! Her books have more twists and turns than a labyrinth. Jonathon's sister has disappeared, victim of a white slave ring. He thinks she's been taken to China, and with the help of the shipboard doctor, tries to find his sister. On board, there are a strange assortment of passengers, including a false priest and a pregnant nun, and an elderly couple who cheat at cards. Everyone seems to have their own agenda and Rebecca's plans for freedom are constantly being revised as she finds herself falling in love, involved in a murder attempt, victim of her parent's betrayal, and hostage of a white slave ring. If you like mysteries and romance, strong characters and a plot as intricate as a Chinese puzzle, this fast-paced book is for you. Perfect for a rainy day read.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Jennifer.

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