by Cindy Woodsmall

September 2006
ISBN: 978-1400072927
Reviewer Graphic Button Waterbrook Press

Hannah Lapp is deeply in love with a neighbor boy. These two young people know Hannahís father will never allow them to marry. Hannah is Amish, Paul is a Mennonite, an outsider to the Amish. Hannahís father would never let an outsider marry into his family, that just isnít done. They find ways to be together as they are determined to be together forever.

When tragedy strikes at Hannah, there is a ripple affect throughout her family, and the Amish community. Even though what has happened to Hannah was not her fault, Paul, her father and the community do blame her for allowing an outside source into their well ordered lives. Hannah must make a heart-wrenching decision, in order to heal and move on with her life.

Paul is so wrapped up in his own angerand grief that he is unable to comfort Hannah. When she turns to other people for comfort, he does not understand why. The anger has clouded his judgment and he too must make a difficult decision.

Cindy Woodsmall is a new published author. She has most definitely done her research on the Amish life style. Even though it may seem harsh, the way her father and the community handled the situation, when an outside source enters their well ordered lives, it brings uncertainty among them. There is a sequel, When the Morning Comes, will be released in September of 2007.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Pat.

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