by Jenna Mills

October 2002
ISBN: 0373272510
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1181
Mass Market Paperback

Right before I started reading The Cop Next Door, I finished Linda Howardís After The Night; another Louisiana set romantic suspense. And I discovered that Jenna Mills can hold her own.

After her fatherís death, Tori Lafleur returns to Louisiana to unravel the mystery of her and her parentsí past and to find a place to belong in. But painful memories surface that leave her vulnerable and yearning. Fiercely independent, Tori doesnít need help in fighting her battles, but in letting someone close, in trusting, in loving.

Ian Montague, the town sheriff, is the man with most of the answers. Unwilling to hurt her or the other parties involved, he asks her to leave town. Unlike most of Linda Howardís heroes, Ms Millsí Ian is one heroic alpha hero that is not afraid to show his tender side. When not even threatening notes, nasty mind games and hostile town people can budge her from her mission to discover the truth, Ian reveals the facts as he knows and remembers them.

Toriís father killed her mother and Ianís father in cold blood and then disappeared with Tori and a fortune in diamonds. But the specifics she learns about her dad donít add up with the man she grew up with, a loving father and a widower mourning his late wife. So, instead of leaving town she decides on clearing her fatherís name and finding out what exactly did happen 25 years ago. The question is, how much can she trust the cop next door to help her, to keep her safe and to not break her heart?

The sexual tension, their attraction and need are awesome; growing stronger with every minute they spend together. With all the mysteries and danger, Ms Mills still gives them time to fall in love with each other. Their respect and admiration doesnít only grow with their more dark and dangerous encounters, but also during their light and loving ones. Itís a perfect balance!

A Louisiana girl herself, Ms Mills creates and describes a world that is at once beautiful and dangerous, seductive and murderous. Her deep knowledge, understanding and love color her words, her story. And her voice is strong and consistent, providing stories of mesmerizing beauty, sexual attractions, danger and love.

With only three Silhouette Intimate Moments releases so far, Jenna Mills has become one of my favorite authors in romantic suspense. Picking up one of her stories I know that I will read about a strong heroine and an irresistible hero. I know that I will find a romance difficult to forget.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kris Alice.

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