by Maureen Child

December 2001
ISBN: 0-373-76408-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1408
Mass Market Paperback

The concept of Did You Say Twins?! is fabulous. Who can resist a man in uniform? Especially a man in uniform completely bewildered by twin babies.

Just on that idea alone this book should have been a winner. Sexy man + uniform + babies = lots of happy readers. So, why isnít this reader happy? What, or rather who is the fly in this otherwise delicious punch? The heroine, Michelle Guillaire.

Ten years ago this woman had it all, a beautiful man thoroughly infatuated with her and a proposal of marriage. She turned him down. Now, that was pretty stupid but her reasons are honorable. Heís always wanted children and she found out she couldnít have any. She rejected his proposal and left him with no explanation.

Ten years later they meet up again just as our hero, Gunnery Sgt. Sam Pearce is about to take custody of his nine-month-old god daughters. Michelle, out of the blue, offers to help him. Heís desperate and agrees. Then after getting too close to Sam, Michelle leaves. Again with no explanation. This is where Iím convinced that the woman is dense. Sam has never married and now he has a family of his own and wants Michelle back. What sane woman rejects this wonderful man, again without explanation.

The rest of the story I refuse to give away, other than to say that Sam is justifiably angry when he finds out why Michelle kept leaving him.

Is Did You Say Twins?! worth reading? In my opinion, yes. At least for a follower of the Fortunes of Texas series. Particularly as this installment answers some questions left from other book in the series. But for all others there are thousands of better choices. Some by this very author.

Reviewed in September 2002 by JaToya.

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