by Sheneska Jackson

August 2001
ISBN: 0-7432-1862-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Simon and Schuster
Mass Market Paperback

Lil' Mama's Rules is all about love. Love of parents, siblings, mates and love for one's self. As I began reading Lil' Mama's Rules I had my doubts about it and that may have very well colored my initial conception of the book, but by the final page, I was vowing to read another of Ms. Jackson's works.

Madison McGuire is a private school teacher who comes across tough. Bold, black and beautiful, she seems to have it all together and can get any man she wants. But because of past experiences she's vowed never to get married - or even serious - with a man. Then the one man she's ever loved walks back into her life. Christopher Anzel has always regretted hurting Madison, and the more you read of his character the more you grow to love him.

Fortunately, Madison is also a likeable character and it's easy to understand why she isn't immediately eager to take Chris back. You can appreciate both her logic and her confusion.

Madison's relationship with her younger sister was beautiful to see and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author was able to take a life crippling disease, like Tourette's and show that it needn't always be that way.

If there were any major flaws in this book it would have to be Terrence. He was one character in the book that I could have completely done without and I felt, to a great extent, he was unnecessary. I got the feeling that Ms. Jackson put him in there as a catalyst for Madison and Chris' relationship, but his very existence made me think less of Madison and I think that someone or something else could have and should have been used to set things into motion.

Lil' Mama's Rules is not just a romance novel - it goes beyond that. And despite what I'd consider a flawed beginning (but what others might consider character development), I'd still recommend this book. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Jackson's work.

Reviewed in September 2001 by JaToya.

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