by Lynn Kurland

October 2002
ISBN: 0-425-18685-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

From This Moment On doesnít start off as well as it could have. To be brutally honest I disliked the first quarter of this book and abhorred quarters two and three. However, with her customary way with a tale finally emerging, Lynn Kurland pulled this book from the depths it had sunk to and made the last quarter something close to as entertaining as her past books have been.

Colin of Berkhamshire has yet to wed. Not that he hasnít been betrothed a number of times. He has. But due to his fierce reputation his prospective brides always beg off, with the exception of one, Alienore of Solonge. She didnít bother to cry off. Instead she ran away. And that, readers, gives a huge clue as to Alienoreís character.

Sheís a sniveling, cowardly, lack-witted irritant through the first three quarters of the book. True, she runs away from a very difficult situation. Her stepmother is cruel to the highest degree. Her father was still locked in his grief from losing Alienoreís mother and pays little attention to his daughterís woes. Her brothers are insignificant to the story. So she runs away. With no money, and no plan. Taking only her brother's horse, which she lets go so it wonít be recognized and her brothers knightly spurs.

Through a series of twists she winds up as inept guard to Lady Sybil, Colinís latest bride to be. Of course Colin isnít as bad as his reputation makes him out to be. Yes he is a fierce warrior. Yes he cares more for fighting than anything else. Yes he needs a series of baths. But he is still just a man. If anything it was he who kept me reading through the beginning of the book. He has an ego the size of England with parts of France thrown in and initially heís hilarious. Typical undefeated warrior. He doesnít really go about boasting too much about himself. And he isnít vain but being inside his head as the reader is, he thinks some of the funniest things. Initially. But after a while that all gets very tiresome if he doesnít have a heroine to match him. And Alienore, masquerading as Sir Henri is definitely not that.

What saved this book from the reject heap, despite the fact that I collect Lynn Kurland books, is the humor Kurland weaves through it. That and the fact that Alienore finally begins to grow a bit of spine towards the end and looks like she just may be a good match for Colin. But back to the humor. There were several times while reading From This Moment On when I laughed out loud. Kurlandís writing style, and the humor she infuses into her books, is what got her on my keeper shelves in the first place and in that From This Moment On doesnít disappoint.

While I wouldnít recommend From This Moment On to new readers of Kurlandís work, I would say that if you are a collector of her books this one isnít a complete waste.

Reviewed in September 2002 by JaToya.

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