by Kasey Michaels

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77191-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Rescued as a young boy from the squalor of Haiti, Spencer Becket loves his adopted family with a fierce devotion. But his Spanish blood runs hot, and Spencer chafes at the life they lead on Romney Marsh. He longs for excitement and adventure. Enlisting in the British Army should provide plenty of excitement.

Wounded during the French and Indian War, Spencer returns to England unable to recall the most recent events in his life. He remembers being tossed in the brig for knocking General Proctor off his chair, and he remembers fighting alongside Tecumseh, the Chief of the Five Nations, as the American forces overtook them, and he remembers being wounded. After that, his memory is a blur until he arrived home again. Now he is physically healed, and the restlessness that marked his youth has returned. He longs to serve a purpose, to find his own place in the world.

Mariah Rutledge was raised in army posts by her widowed father, a quartermaster. After the massacre at Moraviantown, Mariah and her Indian maid, collected the wounded and headed for Montreal and safety. She was not sure that the young lieutenant would survive his head wound, and she would not risk the others for the sake of one man. She managed to save them all through sheer grit and determination. She never expected to find herself back in England, coach-bound for Romney Marsh, hoping the Beckets will help her. She never expects that Spencer does not even remember who she is!

Author Kasey Michaels has already charmed readers with three novels about the Beckets of Romney Marsh. A Most Unsuitable Groom is the first of the final three books about Ainsley Becket and his remarkable family. To say that their past is unusual is an understatement, but the present is even more intriguing. An old enemy is afoot, plotting chaos on a grand scale. It is up to the Beckets to learn his plan and stop it, and hopefully capture Edmund Beale once and for all.

Ms. Michaels certainly picks up where the last story ended, and readers will be thrilled with this latest novel. There is plenty of suspense and passion as Mariah and Spencer find themselves in the midst of the intrigue and danger. I enjoyed the novel very much, and found it to be a fast-paced book. I will be counting the months until the next novel debuts in September.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Paula.

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