by Kimberly Raye

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-49217-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lil Marchette is finally making a tidy profit with her fledgling matchmaking service, Dead End Dating. She can't believe she is being arrested for the violent murder of a client. Lil is a "born" vampire and does not even hunt anymore, much yet chop up anyone. Lil drinks blood from a bottle and enjoys cosmetics and fashions.

Lil has a big job and doesn't have time for legal problems. She needs to find a whole pack of werewolves perfect mates before the next full moon so they can produce a new generation. One client is even looking for an "Alpha Doody", a combination of Howdy Doody and Ron Howard in his "Happy Days" years. While trying to prove she is not a murderess and accomplish this big job, Lil must also juggle her love life with Ty Bonner. He is a yummy and lively lover, but he may not be the mate she needs.

Dead and Dateless is the second in the paranormal series featuring vampire Lil. it works well on its own, but I highly recommend reading Dead End Dating for pure reading fun. Ms. Raye is adept at mixing humor with sizzling love scenes. The snappy dialog and quirky characters make for an entertaining reading experience. Paranormal romances have become a popular sub-genre and Ms. Raye seems to have found her niche in this expanding field.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Roberta.

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