by Lori Foster

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21658-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Simon “Sublime” Evans has decided to re-enter the SBC fighting ring. The impetus: discovering that his girlfriend of five years has been cheating on him. Not exactly the happiest of moments in their relationship but surprisingly, Simon isn’t nearly as broken up about it as he imagined he would be. And now that he’s seen Dakota Dream, he thinks he knows why.

Dakota Dream, singer, performer, and helper of runaways, has a new mission. Her stepfather has forced her into searching for his son, Simon Evans. Dakota is sure Barnaby Jailer has a nefarious reason for wanting to make contact with Simon but she owes it to her deceased mother to help. One favor, then Dakota can put Barnaby out of her life forever.

It’s easier said than done though as Simon wants no part of Barnaby. However, he is very interested in Dakota. She’s charming, shy, a true fan of the SBC, and definitely is willing to go toe-to-toe with Simon in some friendly flirting. Unfortunately, she has more baggage on her trail than just Barnaby. Someone is trying to hurt Dakota, hurt her badly. Simon is not going to let that happen. Dakota may have exploded into his life with the force of a small tornado but he is not ready for her to leave. With love, enemies, and a SBC fight on the horizon, will Dakota and Simon be able to knock out the problems and realize a promising future?

Simon Says is the second story featuring an SBC fighter. Lori Foster once again keeps the story refreshing and appealing with a hunky hero not afraid to fight for his woman, and a leading lady who is certainly not afraid to step into the ring of love for her man. Despite the odd names of some of the characters (Dakota Dream, Barnaby Jailer) this story doesn’t read as cheesy as those names make it out to be. There is a depth and emotional intensity surrounding both Simon and Dakota. Their issues are real. Dakota in particular has had some hard lessons in her past but she is still a vibrant character who doesn’t believe one bad man equals all bad men.

Simon’s gang of fighter friends add hilarity and machismo to the story. While all the storylines in this story are interesting to a point, what makes Simon Says truly enjoyable is the interaction between Simon and Dakota. Flirty, tender, zany, and sexy, these two steal the show as they fall in love. And well, as the main protagonists, that’s their job. So, job well done, Ms. Foster! You’ve penned another solid and satisfying romance.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Sarah.

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