by Susan Mallery

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77210-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Dani Buchanan has finally discovered who her father is. And wow, itís a shocker. Daniís father is none other than state senator and potential presidential candidate, Mark Canfield. Still, even with his notoriety, Dani is determined to get to know him and hopefully become a part of his life. But there are more complications than even she could predict, and one of the most threatening complications is her rising attraction to Alex Canfield, the senatorís adopted son, and his campaign manager.

Alex knows Dani is going to cause trouble for the campaign and trouble for the family. And he is definitely not wrong. But he is wrong in his initial impressions of her. She is a caring, warm, and intelligent woman who is genuinely interested in getting to know Mark and his family. Alex doesnít want to see his family hurt, particularly his mother, Katherine, the woman who adopted him and gave him a chance, but he also canít help seeing Daniís side. And he canít help really admiring Dani for her pluck and determination. In fact, Alex wouldnít mind admiring Dani up close and personally. But scandal now surrounds the Canfield campaign and he knows he needs to stay far away. Trouble is, heís not sure if he can...

Tempting is the final book in Susan Malleryís family-oriented Buchanan series. Laughter, complications and love make up much of this fantastic plot. Dani is a woman who is facing a very tough situation. Her need to know her real father is at war with her need to protect him and try to stop any more scandal. Itís not easy but she is up to the task. Dani shines as an astute protagonist, a woman who knows she is causing trouble but needs to follow her heart. She meets her match in the protective Alex, a man who just wants to help his father, and keep his mother and siblings safe from the press. They both have had bad romantic failures in the past but that doesnít stop either from leading with their heart.

The Canfield family, particularly Markís wife, Katherine, adds another layer of joy and pain to this satisfying story. Katherineís struggle to accept Dani into the family adds tumultuous drama and hope to an already fantastic novel.

In this truly Tempting tale, love battles with the other desires of the heart. Susan Mallery brings readers a magnetic story of love, politics, and the joys of family. Donít miss out!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Sarah.

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