by Jane Graves

October 2002
ISBN: 0-8041-1969-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Itís been five years since Valerie Parker has seen Alex DeMarco. Five years, in which she tried hard to forget his betrayal. He broke her heart and stole her dreams. When Valerie is watching Shannon Reichert, a surveillance ordered by the husband, she witnesses her attempts at picking up Alex and follows them back to her home.

Alex is reluctantly taking Shannon home, doing his duty as a cop. Forced to follow her into her home under false pretenses, he finds himself drugged and unconscious only to wake up to Shannonís dead body. Under arrest for her murder and with only Val as a witness, he escapes. Val is his only hope. She hates him for the pain and hurt he caused, but doesnít want to believe him guilty of the crime. And when someone tries to shoot her the next day, she knows the person she trusts to protect her is still Alex.

Alex is not someone to sit back and wait; he gets out there and makes sure for it to happen. He is arrogant, demanding, gentle, charming and niceóequals very sexy and very dangerous. Not only is it Alexís journey to prove his innocence, to regain Valís trust and maybe even love, but itís also a journey towards finding out that not all he took for granted as a child, is true.

Val is a tough cookie, breaking all the rules, spunky and full of energy. Not someone to be left behind when it gets dangerous. She is wild and reckless and whereas he once condemned her for her lack of respect for rules and the law, Alex now has to rely on her skill to break the same if he wants to stay out of jail. I do so like a kick-ass heroine, and an alpha hero unable to resist or tame her.

Wild at Heart is more a romantic suspense than I Got You Babe was. It has less humor and more raw sensuality, especially coming from the awesome Alexódonít miss the beautiful bathtub scene, a very sensual and trusting encounter. Already in I Got You Babe, he was a presence hard to ignore or forget. I wonder what Ms Sullivan has in store for Dave DeMarco.

Wild At Heart is passionate writing for passionate characters and with a beautiful and heart warming secondary romance and the rest of the DeMarco family members it is as always a pleasure to read about them.

Where I Got You Babe is a roller coaster ride, Wild at Heart is delving deeper. Instead of non-stop action it lingers over slower moments, more intense emotions. And is does get pretty intense and dark, especially when both the hero and the heroine have to deal with their past.

Yes, I did expect more of a romantic comedy. Itís still very good, but not what I expected or was led to believe by the deceptive cover. Not fair, not that it would keep me from reading any of her Jane Graves or Jane Sullivan titles. Iím too big a fan!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kris Alice.

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