by Diann Hunt

January 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59554-193-2
Reviewer Graphic Button WestBow Press
Trade Paperback

Maggie thinks everything is going as planned with her friend, Lily’s wedding—until Ron calls, concerned that Lily might be slipping away. He begs Maggie to do something, anything, so he doesn’t lose his bride-to-be. Maggie gathers her friends and they decide a girls’ time out would be just the thing.

Jill offers her cabin in Siesta Key, Florida, and the girls head off, excited because Donnie Osmond and his family are vacationing there. Maggie hopes to get a few pictures and even orders tickets on-line so they can hear them in concert.

Even though the ladies are on vacation, family pressures are never far from their minds. A son had quit college and returned home. A husband is going through a mid-life crisis. And one of the four women is facing a first time pregnancy at 45. Will they be able to get Lily married and settle all their other difficulties?

Hot Tropics and Cold Feet is not the first lady lit I’ve read by Diann Hunt, but it is one of the best. I think she’s improving with every book. Maggie could be you—or the woman next door. She’s sweet and sassy and full of spunk. Her friends too are realistic. Lily is concerned about getting remarried. Jill is the fitness guru of the bunch, trying to get even Maggie on the move. Louise loves to cook and would bake up a storm if anyone would eat it.

While I’m not exactly at the point in life as these ladies, I felt I could be their friends. Or their daughter. I could identify with some of their issues—or imagine myself in their place. It was fun to read about how they all handled their problems differently, and I was cheering for them all. Pick up Hot Tropics and Cold Feet for a warm, cozy read that will warm even the coldest of toes. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book as well as a sample chapter of V There Yet, Diann’s earlier book.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Laura.

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