by Kate Silver

August 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7386-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Author Kate Silver, a resident of New Zealand, takes on France and its musketeers under the reign of King Louis XIV. It’s a costume romp, not deep but thoroughly enjoyable.

After her twin brother’s death, Sophie Delamanse takes on his identity and joins up with his fellow musketeers in Paris. A ploy that is necessary after she is left with no family and no promised future husband to collect her from the plague stricken country estate. Comte Lamotte is the man that her brother arranged her marriage to; he is also her new commanding officer in the King’s Guard.

It’s not long before Lamotte discovers her true identity and proposes to her once more, as the honorable man he is. But Sophie is reluctant, not wanting to give up her place as a musketeer and the chance to win honor in her brother’s name. It’s a difficult choice with her increasing awareness of Lamotte’s strength, skill and honor. And then there is their growing attraction…. When a court intrigue demands her and two of her fellow musketeers’ (yes, you guessed right - more women disguised as men.) attention, she agrees to the marriage under one condition…she can stay in disguise.

On My Lady’s Honor is a romantic adventure in an era not too often portrayed in romance historicals. It’s fun, easy to read and I do love the theme of women disguising themselves as men. Especially when the hero starts to question his sexual orientation upon discovering his desire for his “male companion”.

Ms Silver’s writing voice is fresh and promises to continue in the same vein with her two upcoming installments. Still, I had my problems getting overly exited about On My Lady’s Honor. Maybe I’m asking too much, but that final spark was missing. It’s fun though and I do recommend it for a leisurely afternoon read and will definitely look out for her next books in this trilogy.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kris Alice.

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