by Holly Fuhrmann

October 2001
ISBN: 1-893896-50-1
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Attorney Nick Aaronson is a man with not one but three fairy godmothers. Although he has seen them in his dreams, Nick doesn't believe in the fairies or happily ever after. His godmothers, Fern, Blossom and Myrtle, are determined to give him his happily ever after whether he wants it or not.

Nick's intended has already been chosen. She is one Glory Chambers, owner of the new restaurant opening across from the courthouse. This is despite the fact that Glory hates lawyers. After all she caught her ex-husband cheating on her in her very own bed with a bimbo named Cynthia and he was a lawyer so that should speak for itself. After a very messy divorce, Glory has every reason to hate the whole lawyer profession. With the cards stacked against them, the fairies are still convinced that Glory is Nick's true love.

After arranging to have Glory hire them as help for her restaurant, Fern, Blossom and Myrtle arrange for Nick and Glory to meet by "accidentally" starting a small fire at the restaurant. Enter Nick to put out the fire and save the day... a true knight in shining armour for a damsel in distress. Glory sees it this way until she finds out Nick is a lawyer then she is dead set against any possible relationship with him no matter how charming he is.

So what are three fairy godmothers to do? The main characters just are not cooperating in the least in this latest plan for a happily ever after. The godmothers have no choice but to arrange to have themselves sued by one Fiona Fayette, who was promised her very own happily ever after by the fairies but has yet to get it. Glory wants to help the fairies and convinces Nick to be their lawyer and represent them in this case.

With the appearance of a last minute judge to decide the case, Fern, Myrtle and Blossom just might make two happily ever afters after all... is it magic or just coincidence? You be the judge.

With Miracles For Nick , Holly Fuhrmann brings her "godmother" trilogy to a delightful close. Holly uses just the right touches of humor to make the book come together in a delightful way. Fern, Blossom and Myrtle are endearing, funny and heartwarming characters that I would love to see appear in more magical tales by this author. Max, Grace, Joy and Gabriel the characters from the previous books in this series, Mad About Max and Magic For Joy appear in this book and we get to catch up with their stories as well.

If you want to believe in magic and the power of happily ever after love then I urge you to pick up a copy of Miracles For Nick. Come along and experience the magic of falling in love with the help of three very loveable godmothers who get into much trouble along the route.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Barbara.

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