by P. C. Cast

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0425215289
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

All her life Dorreth “Pea” Chamberlain has suffered the problem of being invisible to the opposite sex. While she can claim success in other areas of her life, such as her career and home life, she certainly can’t claim to be a femme fatale. Pea just wants a chance at love and romance and she wants it with local fireman, Griffin DeAngelo. Problem is, though they’ve been introduced numerous times, he never remembers her name!

Fed-up and anxious to take charge of her love life once and for all, Pea begins a quest to reinvent herself. To show the world (most importantly, the men) that she is not a woman to be ignored. Pea finds a book titled Discover the Goddess Within—Unleash Venus and Open Your Life to Love that she is sure will change her life. And it does! Through divine magic, Pea manages to invoke the aid of the Goddess of Love herself, Venus!

Charming, vibrant and filled with the joy of love, Venus is determined to help Pea unearth her inner beauty and make it known to everyone! She also plans to help set-up Pea with the sexy Griffin. Problem is, Venus is starting to fall for Griffin. And someone else entirely is starting to fall in love with Pea.

Goddess of Love is simply divine! It is really a celebration of all the wonderful things that make up being a woman. Not only the outer beauty such as the fun shoes and clothes available, but the inner loveliness that is truly necessary to be beautiful. Pea has it all in spades, as does Venus. They are a great duo and a genuine and interesting friendship forms because they both learn very valuable lessons from each other.

And let us not forget the romance! Griffin is a great guy. He’s very sexy and certainly knows how to raise a woman’s heart-rate but I felt the true heartbreaker in this book was the other man, an enticing individual who is looking for love just as much as Pea is. Careful readers will probably be able to easily guess just reading this review who the “other” man is, especially if you know your mythology, but I’m not going to spoil the fun for you.

Goddess of Love is a powerful exploration of femininity, love, and the desires that make us mortal or immortal. P.C. Cast has added a nice edge to this myth, making Pea and Venus an unbeatable team.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Sarah.

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