by Roxanne St. Claire

April 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-2186-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rosanne St. Claire gives us another delicious Bullet Catcher in Take Me Tonight. This is all about Johnny Christiano and what role he must play and what he does to stay undercover.

Lucy sends him to rescue her niece Sage. Only problem Sage doesnít know and didnít get the help she was looking for from Lucy when she went to see her. Lucy and Sage had not spoken to each other in over thirteen years and it was only out of desperation that Sage went to her for help. Only Lucy didnít offer any help that Sage knew about. Lucy told her she could not help her.

Sage is headstrong and doesnít take no for an answer that well. It is her nature to dig for the truth and she does and doesnít let much, if anything, stand in her way, not even Johnny, if she can help it.

This sets into motion Sage and her attempts to find out what really happened to her best friend and roommate Keisha. Keisha was on a dance team for the New England Blizzards, an NBA basketball team. She does what she hopes were the last thing that Keisha went through. A kidnapping. It seems to be the in thing now, www.takemetonite.com was all about fulfilling a kidnapping and rescue fantasy. Depending on how much you spent depends on what you got and the men were handsome and built. Your everyday prostitute if that is what you want from them.

Lucy tells Johnny to rescue Sage before the kidnapping actually takes place, which he does. Now he is stuck undercover as a male prostitute. So what does he do when he doesnít want to answer Sage or divert her attention, he kisses her. His cover does have some benefits.

Johnny tries his best to keep Sage out of trouble, but she does seem to find it. He has her body guarded in more ways than one. Letís not forget that Lucy didnít tell him who the benefactor was for Sageís case or that she was even related to her. Johnny just follows orders.

This is definitely one story that you can read in one setting as the time goes before you know how long youíve been reading. This story will drag you in and not let you out. There are several things going on but they all revolve around the www.takemetonite.com website and the dance team. Just who really is behind what happened to Keisha and is Sage in danger of having the same thing happening to her?

Ms. St. Claire gives us more about what makes Johnny tick and how he became a Bullet Catcher. We get to met Dan and Fletch again. It will be interesting to see who is next to get his story told. We also learn why Lucy and Sage have been apart, will they be able to reconcile the differences between them? And just where does that leave Johnny?

Reviewed in March 2007 by Pam.

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