by Danielle Steel

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-385-34022-9
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Prolific romance author, Danielle Steel gives readers yet another story to indulge in while soaking in the bath. Her new title Sisters tells the story of four women who were raised in a loving home, and grew to be successful, motivated individuals.

Sabrina the oldest is a sought after divorce lawyer. She’s involved in a long term serious relationship with a truly great guy, Chris. However, her career has given her a negative view of marriage and child rearing and while Chris is ready for the next step in their relationship, Sabrina is convinced she’ll never be.

Tammy, the next oldest is a successful Hollywood producer. She has just about given up the idea of having a serious relationship as her career and lifestyle only put unsuitable men in her path. Her idea of happiness is being married to her career, and spending her down time with her overly spoiled dog, Juanita.

Annie comes next, and is the only one of the girls who is still struggling to be self supporting. She has a keen artistic eye, and with the support of her parents, the ability to be living in Florence perfecting her technique.

Candy, is the youngest and has a lot of growing up yet to do. She is also the tallest, and thinnest. She has a wildly successful career as a supermodel, and totally lives that lifestyle.

No matter what the sisters always try to get together for holidays. The fourth of July is no different, and is in fact a big celebration for the family. This year all the girls come home expecting to celebrate as usual, but instead tragedy strikes. What should be a short run to the grocer for some last minute items ends for the Adams’ family with not only one but two tragedies.

Now the family can be either torn apart or come together to help one another heal. As they have a strong loving relationship the sisters come together to help each other cope and heal together. It’s not going to be easy learning to live after the tragedies, nor will it be easy to learn to live together after having lived four separate lives.

When I closed the last page of Sisters I was satisfied with how the sisters had learned to live and love after a year of tragedy and loss. I was not fully satisfied with the resolution of their father’s story or of how they were handling the changes in his life as it affected there own. I could have used another few pages of the sisters learning to accept the changes in their father and his life.

Ms. Steel has told a story that is emotional and powerful, and will keep readers turning the pages. As I read I could remember back to having picked my first adult romance and it being a Steel book as well. The love comes through, and the sex is only implied, and not in the graphic details that so many books have today. I believe that Ms. Steel still makes a good read for the young newcomer to adult romance novels.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Sandi.

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