by Jane Sullivan

October 2002
ISBN: 0-373-69098-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #898
Mass Market Paperback

In Jane Sullivan’s latest Temptation, Risky Business, Rachel Westover needs a husband to get a job. So she makes one up. Six months later, she needs the husband for a promotion… and Jack Kellerman finds out he is that husband. She might only want his name but he wants more. Joining Rachel on a four-day retreat, Jack sets out to seduce her.

Six months ago they spent one perfect day and one steamy night together—intense enough to send her running from him and passionate enough for him to go in search of her. And now that he has found her, he is not giving up the chance to prove himself to be, if not perfect husband material, then definitely enthusiastic lover material.

A not so imaginary husband might be what Rachel needs for that promotion, but what to do with a make-believe husband whose advances are definitely not pretend? A pretend husband that is bound on seducing her out of her conservative shell and into a passionate and fun time together.

Yes, I do love the theme of a pretend marriage and that of opposites attract. And it’s wonderful to see Jack’s persistency in seducing Rachel. He’s not someone to give up (swoon). Not that much is needed (grin)—his sexy voice in the dark is temptation enough.

Jane Sullivan shows once more why I like her so much and how she gets to final in all those contests. Her stories are a perfect combination of love, laughter and sex. And with her talent for great dialogue that is fun, snappy and well timed, it comes as no surprise that her hero draws on the power of suggestive words to seduce his heroine—to loosen her up and to have her fall for him all over again. Just as I did fall in love with their story and Jane Sullivan’s writing voice.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kris Alice.

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