by Jean Johnson

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21440-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

In another dimension eight brothers, four sets of twins all born to the same parents and on the same day two years apart, were exiled to live alone on Nightfall Island. Feared because should they marry it would fulfill the destiny foretold in the song sung by Draganna to bring disaster, the brothers lived under constant threat from their former land of Katan.

Kelly Doyle was having the kind of nightmare that just would not end. Losing her parents in a senseless auto accident three years before, Kelly had given up a well paying job to make a fresh start for herself in a small tight knit community and started her own business. But Kelly was soon ostracized by the townspeople because they believed she was dabbling in witchcraft, and she began receiving threats. Now she was almost bankrupt, and was barely making a living when the worst event yet happened. Kelly awoke late at night to find her house on fire, and knew she was about to die when she saw the burning beam come crashing down on her bed.

The youngest of the eight mage brothers had been scrying other worlds when he had seen the young womanís peril and brought her to their dimension. Saber, the eldest and leader of the brothers, was at odds with his brotherís feat. The woman was beautiful and set his blood to boiling not only with her delectable body but with her fiery temper that matched the red gold of her hair! Kelly of Doyle could dish out as well as she got and hold her own against the eight powerful mage brothers! Nightfall Island was certainly in need of a womanís touch, and if Saber was not careful and allowed himself to fall in love with Kelly, she could be the instrument that will bring the prophesized doom down on them all! Oops too late, Saber was falling, and hard! Well, maybe fate would be kind?

The Sword is absolutely out of this world! Newcomer paranormal romance writer Jean Johnson transports the reader to the mystical realm of the Sons of Destiny in this first of an imaginative new series. The Sword has great character development and a story that doesnít take itself too seriously giving us a light hearted fun read. This is what fantasy writing should be!

Reviewed in March 2007 by Bonnie.

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