by Jackie Braun

January 2007
ISBN: 0-373-03929-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #3929
Mass Market Paperback

Anne Lundy has always known she was adopted. Her parents told her from a very young age that her biological parents had been killed and they had chosen her to be a part of their family. Despite her different looks (Anne is part Japanese)she has always felt loved and wanted and very much a part of the Lundy family.

It comes as a great surprise when someone contacts Anne and says that he represents her biological mother and the woman has been searching for Anne all these years. So Anne finds herself seeking help from the last person she ever thought she would seek help from, Richard Danton, one of the top people at her brotherís very successful firm.

Richard Danton and Anne have a past as Richard has taken it upon himself in the past to investigate Anneís suitors to make sure they are not just after her familyís money. After the last encounter Anne told Richard to stay out of her life so he is surprised when she seeks his help with this new situation. He is very willing to help though as he has a secret crush on her and although he can never see a romantic relationship developing between them due to his past he would like them to remain friends.

The Businessmanís Bride is the first book I have read by the talented Jackie Braun but it wonít be the last. I found the book to be very entertaining and the characters were written in such a way that the reader is quickly drawn into their storyline.

The Businessmanís Bride will tug at your heartstrings and you may need a Kleenex or two before you reach the end. If you like emotional stories that give you something to think about then be sure and pick up a copy of this special book. I found it to be a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I look forward to more stories from this talented author.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Barbara.

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