by Susanna Carr

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22120-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

Serial Bridesmaid on the Loose is the first story in this anthology about bridesmaids gone bad. It seems that Kelsey was the one that all the brides went to when they had a problem. It was her own fault; she made her life indispensable to them. They knew they could count on her. Well, this wedding would be different, instead of taking the video she would be in it. Only one problem, she didnít have a date and the wedding was being held in an exclusive and far from civilized place. Just where is she to find a hot guy to be her date for the weekend? In walks Zach with his godmother, Shirley. Only Shirley acts like Zach is a gigolo and Kelsey wants him for the weekend. Not for sex, but to just have around and keep her out doing for the bride. It seems that natural forces and maybe a little from Shirley, throw these two together. But can it last when Kelsey knows that Zach isnít a gigolo but a multimillionaire instead? Can Zach winner her back when all seems hopeless? And just what is her view on wedding?

Next up is The Bridesmaidís Diaries and is about Tara and her one night stand with the best man of a wedding that she suddenly had to fill in for. She worked as the event coordinator at her familyís winery and on the day of this particular wedding her long term boyfriend/fiancť dumps her. But instead of her keeping it a one night stand she started a blog about her feelings of that night and guess who stumbled across the blog? Yes, the best man Luke Sullivan. After two years, the bride wants to renew her vows and the same people from the first marriage is the exact same for this one. Tara isnít sure how she feels about it but she knows she needs to stay away from Luke after he showed up at her office. Only things donít go as planned for Tara. Can Luke make her realize that he is the best man for her? That he knows what she is feeling and what she needs and even sees deep inside of her? Can she take the chance on Luke and his career as a travel writer and follow him around the world?

The last story is called Wedding Wrecker with Amber and Josh. All because Amber decided to open her mouth when it was asked if anyone objects to this marriage. She did and all because she saw the groom right before the ceremony having sex with one of the bridesmaids. She moved across the country because of this scandal everyone looked down at her and spoke rudely about and to her. Now she was back as her best friend Madison asked her to be a bridesmaid. Now not only a bridesmaid but she had to do something else for her as well, which gets her in deep trouble with Josh. Josh canít believe he might have another chance with Amber. Josh is pretty much upfront with what he wants from Amber and what he expects from her. She canít believe it and wonít do it. Of course Josh takes things into his own hands a few times to get her back where she is supposed to be. Amber is fighting the attraction to Josh, not sure if he feels the same way. But is she willing to find out? Josh seems to know her deepest darkest desires and fantasies and knows when she has something up her sleeve that will wreak havoc on those around. Can these two find a middle ground?

Iíve really enjoyed this anthology, Bad Girl Bridesmaids by Susanna Carr. Each story is unique in its own way. The hero and heroine just didnít fall easily for each other but put up a fight or struggle and didnít give in to each other even when they wanted too. They had to work towards the future they all wanted. The last story with Amber and Josh is my favorite, not sure if it was because they had known each other pretty much their whole life or both leery of what the other could offer them and neither sure of taking the chance. The heroines in each story seem to be just letting the world see what they want them to see never the real them. It takes the perfect man to see beneath the surface and see what each of them is hiding. If you want to hear some wedding disasters gone wrong and how each of them overcome the obstacles then donít miss this book.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Pam.

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