by Vonna Harper

September 2002
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Mala was driving along the Florida Everglades during heavy rains when her eyes connected with a stranger on a motorcycle – and her life (and her sex drive!) has never been the same since. But as she was pondering the importance of that link, the man on the bike swerved and was swallowed by the swamps… and disappeared without a trace.

However, the connection between Mala and Laird was never broken. They communicated telepathically, were even intimate in their minds – and in the strangest places! (On the side of the road by the edge of the Everglades?!) For Mala, her bond with Laird became an obsession, a sexual one with every thought of Laird stirring arousal within her.

There was quite a bit in the story that I didn’t get. One is how Mala and Laird time-travel to Florida’s Native American past through the Everglades. Another is whether or not Laird is human… or some sort of spirit that now, after his accident, belongs in the past. (Maybe I'm just too thick to "get it".)

The story of Laird and his eventual transformation to a leader of the Seminole tribe would have been a great story – except that Mala’s sexual obsession kept getting in the way.

Although Mala finally recognized Laird’s legacy, the ending of how they came together still felt a bit vague and unconvincing. Her sexual obsession being the main focus, it’s hard to believe in their happily ever after. Besides, there’s also Laird’s/Thunder’s demeanor towards Mala – no matter how attracted he is to her, his feelings seem shallow since his “love” for Mala is always overshadowed by his responsibilities as a tribal leader. He neither shows angst nor proposes a solution to their separation, willing to let time/space separate them if necessary.

Their sexual interludes are hot – and in detail! Nothing was glossed over when Mala and Laird came together, and if you're a fan of erotic romance, you won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of the story.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Veronica.

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