by Susan Grant

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77192-9
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Mass Market Paperback

On a planet far, far away……

Real estate mogul, and part time National Guard pilot, Jared Jasper had been instrumental in assisting his sister Jana, and her alien lover Cavin Far-Star in staving off the intergalactic invasion that had threatened earth. Now earth's leaders had Jared slated for another do or die mission, he was to be betrothed to the Queen of the Coalition of planets that was at the center of the aborted attack! Jared was as patriotic as the next guy but perhaps his country and his planet was asking way too much of him when he hears their plan and gets a load of the impertinent alien woman who is now his wife!

Queen Keira lived her royal life in self-imposed isolation. Becoming the queen at a very young age after the assassination of her entire family, Keira made sure she was in prime fighting condition and heavily guarded should she be attacked. Keira’s person was not the only thing she had shielded; she made sure her emotional state was never breached, thus living a very lonely existence. The Coalition demanded she take the barbaric earthling who was proclaimed “The Prince” of earth as her consort, and knowing her duty to her people, Keira was ready. However one look at her intended and Keira knew she was in trouble, the sexy human was going to be her downfall!

A sinister plot is in the works upon Jared’s arrival to his new home when he is subjected to many “unfortunate accidents.” Can Jared protect Keira and keep intergalactic peace? Keira’s favorite earthling just might pull it off!

A super nova strength follow-up to last year’s Your Planet or Mine, author Susan Grant has herself another “star” in My Favorite Earthling! Out of this world laughs and steamy romance heats up the warp drive in Keira and Jared’s story. Grab a plasma sword and jump on the space shuttle for My Favorite Earthling!

Reviewed in March 2007 by Bonnie.

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