by Regina Scott

May 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7279-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Regina Scott once again presents, to the delight of her fans and readers everywhere, an utterly charming, heartwarming and humorous tale of mystery and unexpected passion, set in Regency England. Ms. Scott entertains, as usual!

Alexander Westcott, Viscount Borin, is a typical gentleman of the ton – rich beyond belief, handsome and charming. However, he is getting awfully bored of his overall predictable lifestyle and the attractions of London begin to pall on him. He craves excitement and decides to seek out adventure by volunteering his services to the secret service. He finds himself in a humiliating position when his services are turned down, not just once, but twice, and that too at a time when rumors of a French spy infiltrating London society are on the rise. Then, to his great shock and surprise, he discovers that someone is following him! He resolves to prove himself to be a proficient spy by unearthing whoever is having him followed. His investigation leads him straight to the Collins household and its fascinating residents, totally ignorant that he’s the goal of a highly organized campaign launched by an exceptionally determined lady and her capable minions!

Miss Katherine Collins has always been a ‘managing’ female. After a detailed survey of all the eligible bachelors upon town, she finally settles upon Lord Borin as a man worthy enough to marry her beautiful and placid stepsister, Constance. Time is of the essence as Constance, who simply refuses to marry without love, stands to lose all her fortune to her detestable cousin, Lord Templemore, if she is not married by her twentieth birthday, which is only six weeks away! Katherine is delighted when, in perfect accordance with her plans, Lord Borin comes to their house trying to discover the young boy who was following him. She happily introduces him to the attractive Constance and waits eagerly for him to fall under her spell. Unfortunately, in spite of all Katherine’s carefully planned tactics, Lord Borin falls for her, instead of Constance! Now she has an immense problem on her hands, as her heart tugs her one way and her duties, the other. Who wins this tug-of-war? Is Constance also falling for Lord Borin?! Or will Lord Borin turn out to be the French spy?

Lord Borin’s Secret Love is an appealing regency romance, tinted with mystery and lots of spies. The characters are well drawn, the plot is intriguing and the setting is the usual Regency one. There are many vastly appealing secondary characters, who provide amusement and cause chaos. The ending wraps up everything up, all right and tight.

A fun and lighthearted read for Regency romance fans!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Rashmi.

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