by Marcia Evanick

December 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8008-5
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Mass Market Paperback

A Misty Harbor Wedding is a slightly older book, which I just got to review. What better time of the year to read a book about romance and wedding, than during the traditional wedding month of June.

Sierra Morley and her son, Austin are in Misty Harbor for business. However, no one in Misty Harbor knows the true nature of why Sierra is there, and she claims to be on an extended vacation. She meets Matt Porter, the last single Porter male, when they’re both waiting for the sun to rise on Carrie’s Hill.

The attraction between Matt and Sierra is instant, and tangible. Along with the attraction between Matt and Sierra there is a friendship struck between Matt and Austin. It seems like perfection until Matt realizes that Sierra is there just on vacation and come Labor Day will be leaving.

What no one knows is that Sierra is in Misty Harbor on a scouting mission for her employer father. He owns the Randall Hotel Corporation and they want to build a luxury hotel in town. It’s Sierra’s job to scout the area and decide if a hotel can and would be supported by the town. Can Sierra do the job to her ability and please both her father and Matt? What will happen when Matt finds out the truth to the identity that Sierra is not really hiding, but not being overly forthcoming with?

I have read two books set in Misty Harbor, and have enjoyed them both. I know I’ve read them both out of order, and don’t feel like I’ve missed much if anything.

Misty Harbor is a town full of delightful characters, and Ms. Evanick’s telling of their lives is enough to keep you engrossed and coming back to find out what will happen next.

There is no suspense in Ms. Evanick’s writing. The humor is subtle, but there. Overall I would consider Ms. Evanick just the perfect storyteller for a weekend read at the beach.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Sandi.

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