by Bella Andre

March 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-2418-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Emma Cartwright and Jason Roberts were inseparable at college. Friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, and to Jasonís mind, soul mates. Unfortunately, Emma did not see eye to eye on the whole soul mates thing and betrayed him by marrying a man handpicked for her by her parents. To make it worse, she didnít even have the guts to tell him their relationship was over. For ten years, Jason has simmered with anger, resentment, and though he wonít admit it, love, for Emma Cartwright and at their ten-year Stanford University reunion, heís about to finally take his revenge.

The moment Emma lays eyes on Jason again, for the first time in ten years, she feels alive, vibrant, and a woman. She knows she hurt, humiliated and badly betrayed Jason years ago, but a small part of her holds out hope that he may find a way to forgive her, and perhaps, move forward with her.

But Jason isnít the kind and caring young man she remembers. Instead, he is a powerful, wealthy and very successful chef. Heís accomplished his dreams and wants to lord it over Emmaís head, starting with a lakeside seduction filled with all the bitterness of the past ten years. The game between them changes yet again when Emma unexpectedly shows up at his restaurant in Napa. She wants more of Jason and sheíll do what it takes to finally win his heart, permanently.

Red Hot Reunion definitely lives up to its title. Itís very hot, a scorching and erotic read. Thereís a lot of bitterness and revenge planning in this story too which makes it hard for the characters to truly forge a new connection together. So much of this story is tinged with bitterness and anger that it was hard to truly be happy for Emma and Jason as they attempted to move forward.

Then thereís Emma, perhaps the most wishy-washy, confused heroine Iíve read about in a long time. She wants to be her own person, but she constantly second-guesses herself and doesnít have the confidence to change without needing someone elseís approval. It used to be her parents, then her husband, and now itís Jason. Emma does pull herself together by the end but many readers may get fed up with her half-way through and just stop reading all together.

Red Hot Reunion is perhaps more confusing than wholly enjoyable, but it is still worth a read just to see how Emma and Jason finally resolve their issues, past and present.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Sarah.

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