by Sara Bennett

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-079649-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

An infamous courtesan has three young daughters. Instead of growing up safe and secure in the English countryside, they are kidnapped and later abandoned. Luckily, they are found and adopted by a gentle widow and raised with love and care. If the truth is revealed, how will they feel about their birth mother? This is the foundation of Sara Bennettís current trilogy.

Francesca Greentree wants nothing to do with her birth mother. She is very afraid that she is too much like Aphrodite, and that strong passions will be her downfall. To keep this from happening, she remains at her adoptive motherís Yorkshire home, determined to be a spinster.

Aphrodite is an astute woman, and while she has rejoiced in being reunited with her daughters, she understands why Francesca remains distant. Aphrodite is also tired of living with fear. She has finally decided to track down the monster that ordered the kidnapping of her daughters. She wants to know who was behind it all. She has hired Sebastian Thorne to hunt them down and bring them to justice.

When Sebastianís trail leads to Yorkshire, he is lured into a trap and left to die in a boggy moor. Rescued by the very woman he has agreed to protect, he cannot help but be attracted to Francesca. She is regal and voluptuous, every inch her motherís daughter. He hopes that he can bring that simmering passion to the surface.

Mistress of Scandal is a fine ending to an exciting trilogy. There is plenty of danger afoot as Sebastian and Francesca try to outwit the villains who appear at every turn. Even Aphrodite is placed in jeopardy when a spy is discovered at her club. I found this book to be quickly paced, and while I was gratified at the ending, I was very sorry to see it finish. Ms. Bennett created a fine cast of characters that readers can enjoy.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Paula.

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