by Cait London

August 2002
ISBN: 0-06-000180-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Uma Thornton, Pearl Whitefield, Lauren Howard and Shelly Craig were childhood friends. They grew up together in Madrid, Oklahoma and have their girls' night out every week. One night during their night out, a man in a drive-by car shot Lauren and the killer was never found.

One year later, Mitchell Warren gave up his job as a top executive and came back to Madrid where he left after his father died. He bought Lauren's old house, which is located next to Uma's home and his father's old properties. He decided to retire and stay in his hometown as long as he wanted. When his brother, Roman, heard about Mitchell's return to Madrid, he went back too. The town folks did not welcome the return of the Warren brothers, as they were both troublemakers when they were young boys.

Mitchell met Uma, the girl who comforted him nearly two decades ago when he was hurt in the hospital, after rescuing his father from a mystery fire. On that same night, Roman took Shelly's virginity and never knew that he had a daughter, Dani.

A series of accidents has been happening in Madrid since Lauren's death but nobody pays much attention until the Warren brothers' return. Mitchell soon finds the dead body of the drive-by killer in his father's old garage and others evidences to prove that someone trying to harm both Uma and Shelly. In order to protect the women that they love, Mitchell and Roman must find out the person behind before he or she strikes again.

When Night Falls is packed with secrets, suspense, mysteries, romance and friendships. The story starts with the death and unresolved murder of Lauren Howard and a mystery fire that leads to the death of Fred Warren (father of the Warren brothers), and then turns deeper into the family and romantic relationships of the Warren brothers. It also discloses some old family secrets and memories that both brothers have ignored and refuses to face for years. This is the first book that I read of Cait London's and I find it captivating and satisfying on both the romance and suspense. A recommended read for anyone who loves romantic suspense.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Rose.

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