by Irene Estep

May 2007
ISBN: 978-1-58749-611-0
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Kate meets Jordan when he calls in to the hairdressers where she works, for a quick trim. He thinks she is his foreman's fiancÚ and she mistakes him for the foreman. As they are attracted to each other immediately, they both think the other is capable of cheating!

The story centers round their relationship and Carrie's failed marriage to Drew, who gets mixed up in their lives again.

Kate has problems with her over protective, bitter mother. She tries hard to sabotage their relationship.

Someone else tries to sabotage Jordan's building project and tries to kill him too. He pushes Kate away in case he endangers her life.

The story is based so much on finding it hard to trust. Kate has doubts about Jordan's love and Jordan worries that Kate's brother is behind the troubles he faces.

The story is good and the characters are good. I did wish that Kate wasn't so ready to have doubts about Jordan's commitment to her. It made her seem a bit weak at times. I don't think she was meant to be but I found myself getting irritated with her quite often!

Jordan also over reacted in his trying to keep Kate safe. His attitude was so heavy handed at times.

The plot was good though and quite believable. The tension carries the reader well.

There was a few too many secondary characters. I tended to wonder who was who sometimes as the book went on.

The book is worth a read. It is a fairly quick read and a good way to spend a quiet day reading it!

Reviewed in September 2007 by Mary.

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