by Geralyn Dawson

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77196-7
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1897

The last of the Bad Luck Brides finds her true love when Emma McBride Tate the eldest of the McBride Menaces meets her match in Alasdair MacRae the infamous Highland Riever!

Emma Tate has been going through the motions of living these past ten years since becoming widowed after only three months of marriage to her childhood sweetheart. Traveling with her younger sister Kat to England in search of Katís stolen necklace, the almost thirty year old Emma wants an adventure. When a striking stranger dares her to do something outrageous in a London boutique, Emma is up for the challenge to cause mischief like she used to when she was young and one of the McBride Menaces! Little did Emma suspect when she goes with her sister on another escapade to Jake Kimballís (the man they suspect stole the necklace from Kat) estate would she meet up with the same man who made the old Emma come alive again!

A good friend to Jake Kimball, professional outlaw Alasdair MacRae is more then exhilarated at finding the same eye-catching Texan he had goaded into the prank. Perhaps it was fate that placed Emma Tate amongst the prospective wives that Jake was interviewing. Jake seemed to be more interested in Emmaís sister then in her, and Dair begins to concentrate on seducing Emma. A thrilling escapade begins for Emma and the elusive Dair when they set off for the Highlands of Scotland and then finally home for both to Texas. Seeking answers to a long lost treasure that Dairís mother had been guardian of, Emmaís necklace is the key to finding it and perhaps together they can claim the biggest prize of all, love!

Romance superstar Geralyn Dawson brings us the last in the Bad Luck Brides trilogy, Her Outlaw. Elements of fantasy, romance, adventure, mystery and pure laugh out loud antics combine for a tantalizing read. Emma had been the underdog in the two previous books and we were hoping she would find love and break the bad luck spell. Dair can be trying at times, and a bit over the top, but all in all have a good time, and catch Her Outlaw!

Reviewed in April 2007 by Bonnie.

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