by Lynn Kerstan

October 2002
ISBN: 0-451-41057-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Hugo Duran has lived his whole life in India and knows there are certain parts of India that an Englishman does not go. Well, he ended up in one of those places and in the dungeon; all because another Englishman stole a golden leopard that had significant meaning to the Indians. Duran was given one year to find the leopard and have it returned to its rightful place.

Duran made it to London along with several assassins, one as his valet and several that stayed in the background. He knew the one person that would most likely be able to help him, his love, Jessica Carville, who now worked as a dealer of rare antiquities. But that was if she would help him... after all, he left her six years ago, he just walked out without saying anything to her.

Jessica Carville wanted to throw her arms around him - she always had a weakness when she was around Duran. But she also knew that she could not get involved with him in anyway, she knew he would not stay and she didnít know if she could take that kind of heartache again.

Well, a deal was struck between the two of them to find the missing leopard. The deal involved also getting rid of Jessieís brother-in-law, Gerald Talbot. The road to finding the missing leopard was rocky, to say the least, and they thought they would not find the golden leopard at all. Amidst the traveling over London and the surrounding areas they are set upon by many obstacles that lead them to different designations, but hoping for one outcome that their time together would be longer than planned.

Lynn Kerstan wrote a superb story of love that was lost and buried in the past but called upon to help one when in need. A tale of friends that would go to great lengths to help out another and a love that was thought to be lost amid lies, betrayal and hurt once again finds its way back to the two people that find the love never went anywhere - it just was buried until it could be rekindled.

The Golden Leopard is the first in a trilogy. Ms. Kerstan has a small preview of the second book in the back and I read it... I couldnít resist! The second book is about one of the secondary characters and looks very promising. I will be looking for the second book in 2003.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Pam.

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