by Anthology

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-117603-6
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Trade Paperback

Loverís Locket by Cathryn Fox

A centuries old curse keeps Zarek from his soul mate. He is trapped for all eternity inside a portrait that always finds its way to Caira. Princess Caira fled her fatherís castle and the marriage he arranged to elope with her lover Zarek. As a result, Lord Montright placed a curse on Zarek that leaves him only able to watch Caira but never touch her, never make her his wife. To break the curse Caira must recite the spell on the loverís locket and fight the dark power that keeps them apart.

Kiliís Ice Man by Delilah Devlin

When Gunnar ďIce ManĒ Rydeman overhears Kiliís conversation with one of her girlfriends, he is a little annoyed that she believes all jocks are brainless cavemen. He sets out to teach her a lesson. He intrudes on her virtual vacation only to find himself wearing a loincloth with a one-syllable vocabulary. How the heck is he supposed to show her that not all jocks are cavemen with he can't even have a conversation with her?

The Hottest One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones

Jessica Montgomeryís road trip is interrupted when a storm forces her to take shelter at a roadside motel. There she encounters a stunningly intriguing stranger who makes her feel like the attractive woman she used to be. One night of passion later and Jessica is rediscovering her inner sexpot. When her one night stand comes looking for her, will Jessica have the courage to find out if one night can turn into forever?

Out Of The Shadows by Myla Jackson

Cassidy Jonesí hopes for a sunny future with Houston police officer T.J. Evans are dashed after she is attacked by a vampire one night on the university campus. The sun is now her enemy as she tries to conquer her raging hungers for blood and sex. She never dared to hope T.J. would still care. Now he is back and demanding answers. When Cassidy refuses to leave the city before an oncoming hurricane reaches landfall, she and T.J. battle the stormís rage and give in to the raging passion between them.

A Familiar Kind Of Magic by Sylvia Day

Familiar Victoria St. John, like most of her people, loves to play and tease, but without a master warlock to tame her, her mischief making could be deadly. The High Council sends warlock and hunter Max Westin to collar the frisky kitten who is causing so much trouble. To succeed where others have failed Max is willing to break all his rules and keep his sexy feline.

Tempting Grace by Sasha White

Grace Walters gave up her bad girl ways. Now she owns her own home, helps out troubled teens and participates in her community. All of that is no real solace when Grace suffers a loss and begins to doubt herself. It will take the love of a good man to show her that strength, and love, have many facets.

Quick Silver by Vivi Anna

Sangria Silver knows the key to being a good messenger/courier is knowing when to keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed. In the New States of America in 2080 she is the most sought after conveyor in the business because of her discreet handling of her assignments. Hired to deliver a metal crate unopened out of town for a cool two million dollars, Sangria takes this one last case before she retires. A traffic accident, a flipped car, and one freshly opened crate later, Sangria is in the company of the sexiest man she has met in a long time. Unfortunately, as cargos go this one may be the death of her.

Seven amazingly talented authors grab you by the imagination and take you for a ride in Alluring Tales. This anthology is a spectacular mťlange of contemporary, paranormal, and futuristic tales filled with lots of heat, romance, and characters you will want to see again. They stories are short so donít expect a lengthy build up to the good stuff.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Cynthia.

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