by Maureen Mackey

May 2007
ISBN: 978-1-58749-603-5
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Ty is an owner of No Jive Java which at the moment is three carts out on the street. He wants to open up a store front and in order to do that he needs a financial backer. Only this backer has some stipulations to him actually getting the money. He must hire Jenny Vaughn for his promotional work.

To say Ty was over a barrel is putting it lightly. Everyone else has turned him down so it is either hire Jenny Vaughn or give up his dream of having a store front shop. With misgiving he meets her and offers her the job. He was going to hire her as a contractor but that didnít fit into what Ellison wanted, he has to hire her and offer full benefits.

Jenny has some misgivings and she doesnít trust men very easily. She trusts the judgment of her dog, Baby, when he meets them. Jenny is reserved and shy until she gets to know a person, but she knows what she wants and that is to be in business for herself and that isnít something her sister understands.

Ty hasnít told Jenny about the conditions on which he stands to get the money. Ellison doesnít want Jenny to know who the backer is. Ty is uncomfortable about it from the beginning but doesnít tell Jenny even after her revelations. He doesnít want to lose her and he knows this will.

Jenny and Ty have fallen in love and Jenny has opened herself up to trust a man again. Will it be shattered and not able to be put back together if she learns about Ty's secret with the backer?

I enjoyed Grounds for Love. The characters were charming both had fears and were able to talk about them except for the backer of No Jive Java. They fell in love with each other and were surprised that it happened. There wasnít much conflict between Jenny and Ty except near the end well, Baby, was a conflict. But Iíll let you read it to find out why. Grounds for Love also is about facing your fears and learning to conquer them, even with a laugh or two thrown in.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Pam.

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