by C. C. Harrison

April 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59414-579-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

Amanda Bell is fulfilling her fatherís last wish and traveling to the Navajo Indian Reservation in the remote deserts of Monument Valley to donate and catalog his impressive collection of Southwest literature. She also wants to put closure on her father's death. His body has never been recovered. She plans on visiting the crash site where he died.

Even as she starts asking questions about her fathers death, she senses something not right. She has a feeling the people in this area know more than what they are telling her, which is not much. She knows she has her work cut out for herself, unless she can get some help.

Durango Yazzie is the director of the center. In his youth, he turned his back on his heritage. Now he is trying to teach the kids the importance of their heritage. When he meets Amanda, he is both thrilled and infuriated she is there. For one thing she sticks out because of her light-skinned beauty. He knows that her father's collection, it may be the ticket to help the center.

Amanda and Durango are like fire and ice around each other. They both want the same thing, for Amanda to finish what she came to do and go back home. When Amanda receives several threats, she and Durango know it has to do with her fathers terrible death.

The Charmstone is one of those books that will stay with the reader after reading it. It has rich history, romance intrigue, mystery. You do not want to miss this wonderful book. Highly recommended.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Pat.

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