by Connie Mason

August 1997
ISBN: 0-505-52215-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Jess Wilder was a man on a mission - he is going to find the woman responsible for his brotherís murder. And now, coming upon a stagecoach wreck in the middle of the Texas Frontier, he believes he found her. How many women in Texas could have violet colored eyes?

Well, two, actually.

Ariel Leland was on her way to claim her inheritance when the stage coach sheís on is ambushed by bandits, the same ones that the woman Jess is looking for runs with. Taken from the wreckage and claimed as prisoner, Ariel is shocked. She couldnít have killed his brother, sheíd never even met him! But Jess insists he knows different and takes her to claim the reward on her head, satisfied that justice is done.

Through a roundabout way, Ariel ends up at her ranch, only to find that the woman Jess had sought had stolen it using the bag that Ariel had lost when the stagecoach was robbed. It was a case of word against word, but Jess caught in the middle. Finally seeing that Ariel really was who she claimed to be, Jess set out to prove that the woman, Trudy, was an imposter. But there was no proof to be had.

Meanwhile, Ariel has fallen in love with Jess. Eventually, the mess is sorted out and Trudy has Arielís ranch. Now with nowhere to go, Ariel goes back to the city, carrying Jessí child. After an incident, Jess finally can prove that Ariel can have the ranch and goes to get his woman.

This book had a promising beginning and a disappointing ending. Itís a good book, but not if you have to go out of your way to read it. Ariel was a good woman, and I enjoyed her character, but Jess on the other hand, was a sex-starved cowboy and I donít think he really deserved Ariel, even though he cried near the end.

If you donít have to put a lot out to read it, Iíd say read it, but if you do, leave it on the bookshelf!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Lucy.

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