by Judith Marks-White

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-49238-8
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Trade Paperback

Coco Harding lives the sweet life of a successful man’s wife. Raised to be the perfect accessory for a doctor or lawyer, she rebounded when her MD-husband decided his receptionist was more beddable, straight into the arms of Parker Harding, who runs the family golf courses. With a social set in Connecticut, an apartment in “the City” and a little side hobby as humor columnist for The Seaport Gazette, Coco has plenty to do. When she met Harry Troutman, everything changed.

On assignment for her editor, Coco is supposed to be writing about a gastronomic society called La Chaine des Rotisseurs, who are hosting an event in nearby Greenwich. Her contact is Dr. Harry Troutman, one of New York’s most revered plastic surgeons, and the event chairman. By the time the first course arrived, Coco was awash with lust for the handsome doctor, even though his wife, Éclair, was seated nearby. Coco was not alone in her infatuation; the good doctor was also quickly becoming enamored of the witty reporter.

Seducing Harry has a little bit of everything to offer readers. There is sharp-tongued humor, which takes a good poke at society life. There is a steamy, albeit illicit, romance between Coco and Harry, There is even blackmail and a premeditated murder. Author Judith Marks-White has an engaging writing style and appears to understand her characters inside and out. They never make a step out of place. I enjoyed the book for its quick pace and unexpected twists.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Paula.

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