by MaryJanice Davidson

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21376-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley

While busily planning her wedding, Betsy Taylor is being driven nuts by her groom’s less than enthusiastic participation in the planning of their wedding and by the constant stream of people in their home. Then all her friends and loved ones start disappearing, Betsy’s left to wonder where they all are and when or if they’ll return. But the whole disappearing act starts to feel a bit unreal and Betsy starts to think that there might be more going on than what mere coincidence allows for. Betsy must figure out exactly what is going on if she hopes to have her happy, chaotic, people-filled life back before it is too late.

Undead and Uneasy was a charming read whose creator never fails to make me smile. I am a big fan of the Betsy Taylor, Vampire Queen, series and the more I read about her the more in love with this character I fall. Betsy is just fantastic in her often ditzy superficiality until something or someone forces her to display her more practical and dangerous side. MaryJanice Davidson has the terrific ability to create characters that appeal, entertain and endear themselves to readers. I always look forward to her latest romp and often find myself grinning ear to ear if not right out laughing. Undead and Uneasy is another wonderful installment in this creative series that readers are not going to want to miss. I can’t wait to find out what further adventures Betsy and her friends embark on.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Claudia.

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