by Bettye Griffin

August 2002
ISBN: 1-58314-275-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

If you have ever been lifted from the pit of despair to a place of hope by someone, then this is the romance book for you. Cornelia “Hatch” Hatchet had big dreams but now she works as a cashier at Kmart and takes care of her father and two teenager sisters. She feels that she will be stuck in Farmingdale forever and sees no future for herself or her family, as they are only just making ends meet. However, her life suddenly changes when Skye Audsley comes to town.

Skye, a TV journalist, is assigned to report on the deplorable conditions in Farmingdale. He finds much more than a story when he gets to town. For unexplainable reasons, this experienced journalist is attracted to Hatch and can`t seem to forget her. When Hatch`s father suddenly dies, Skye offers her family a new start taking care of his grandmother. Will Skye make all of Hatch`s dreams finally come true?

Bettye Griffin`s newest novel From This Day Forward tells the touching story of a woman caught in trap that sees no way out and the man who opened her cage. Ms. Griffin touches upon the difficult choice many women are forced to make between their family and their dreams. The author highlights that there are no easy choices in this situation. In fact, her heroine is forced to endure for many years; however the theme that eventually everything works out in the end is clearly seen throughout the book. I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to reading this author again.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Jen.

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