by Tracy Cozzens

August 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7351-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

It all started with a plan, a very unusual plan. A plan that allowed the prince of England to seduce the woman he wanted with no repercussions. It seemed like the perfect plan that is until the princeís friend went and fell in love with the lady in question. Tracy Cozzens`s plot in her newest novel A Dangerous Fancy, tells just how the wrong plans can become the best plan in the end.

Lily Carrington has come to England to do one thing - marry well. Her parents have decided that she will take the season by storm and snatch the best man available. In other words, she must marry a titled man with lots of money. Lily has no problem with this in theory, however after meeting Alexander Drake, Lilyís heart has other plans.

Alexander Drake is interested in Lily Carrington, but he knows he can never marry her, for he has no title and he works as a spy for Englandís home office. However, Alexander knows something that Lily doesnít; she is being set up by the royal prince! Bertie, as the prince is known to his friends, has decided that Lily should be his new mistress. Unfortunately, having an affair with the prince has been known to cause a divorce or two in the past. So Bertie decides that if Lily marries a man who wonít care about the affair, there will not be a problem. He and his friends decided to marry the Lily off to the Duke. This will be a wonderful match for both, Lilyís family will be ecstatic and the Duke will be free to pursue his other interests with no one the wiser. Even Alexander thinks this is the ideal plan, until he meets Lily.

Alexander is desperate to protect Lily and even tries to marry her off to a friend. However, when Lily agrees to marry the Duke, Alexander knows her life will be forever changed. Fortunately, for Alexander, Lily discovers some unpleasant things before the wedding about her future bride groom and runs to Alexander. Together, the two of them must make the most difficult decision of their lives; they will lose everything they both hold dear if they marry - but if they donít they will lose each other.

Ms. Cozzens' novel is a truly romantic story with a hero that is willing to risk everything he has for the woman he loves. I enjoyed this book immensely. Lily, at times, appears slightly too naive but the story flows so well the reader hardly notices. This book exemplifies the statement true love will over come. Enjoy!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Jen.

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