by Nalini Singh

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21575-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Faith Nightstar is more than just a twenty-four year old woman of her time. She is one of the most coveted and powerful F-Psy of her generation. She can provide information to corporations and influence the markets they thrive in. She is the ultimate forecaster of success and failure that mankind could have. She is worth her weight in gold — millions upon millions to be exact.

Faith is provided for in every way. As in her kind, she is isolated from the outside world to keep her pure and safe. She knows only what she has been taught since the very early age of three. She has been raised without true love and feelings. Her life is regimented and strict. Everything is documented and processed to keep her in a small and uncluttered world.

That all changes with the death of her sister, a sister she really has no feelings for, but will be the catalyst to something much bigger and much more dangerous to her. Faith will venture outside of her controlled environment and right into the path of a very dangerous and deadly predator. He can shift from man to beast in the blink of an eye, and Faith will become his desired prey…

Visions of Heat is the latest release by author Nalini Singh. The very beginning of this book with all its different levels of F-Psy, M-Psy and so forth, are confusing and hard to follow at first. Thank goodness that is a very small portion of this wondrous novel and the author hit the ground running after that. Sucking this reviewer into a book overflowing with sexual tension and hot characters that fly right off the pages and between the sheets faster than you can breathe out. Combine that with incredible storytelling and you have a winning read!

Ms. Singh is truly an author that has the Midas touch when it comes to penning erotic heat onto the pages of a book. Some advice: Keep yourself cool at all times; this book is a scorcher and one that you will be unable to put down.

Faith lives to forecast. She knows nothing else. That is until the very fabric of her life becomes torn and she starts to think outside the box that is her world. When she ventures beyond the perimeters of her compound, she runs into something wild and untamed.

Vaughn is a jaguar living in the DarkRiver territory. When he spots Faith, he knows exactly what she. She’s the enemy. Yet, something about her calls to the beast in him that claws and snarls to claim her--to take her in the most primitive of ways. What is it about her that makes him want to trust her, when everything he knows tells him to beware?

Visions of Heatby Nalini Singh has sexual tension that will burn your fingertips and cause you to squirm in sexual arousal it is that good. Ms. Singh certainly has what it takes to become the ultimate paranormal princess if she keeps penning novels of this magnitude.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Janalee.

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