by Amanda Scott

February 2007
ISBN: 0-446-61855-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, 1380

Lady Adela Macleod was finally going to have her wedding to the much older but kind and generous Lord Ardelve. Having been kidnapped from her previous attempt to marry Ardelve, Adela was certain this wedding would go off with no complications. No sooner are the vows spoken when tragedy strikes again. Adela is widowed before even becoming a wife not an hour after the ceremony! Seeking solace, Adela goes to the castle ramparts where a mysterious man reaches out to her from the shrouds of the foggy mist. Knowing only his disembodied voice, Adela again meets up with the stranger to share a forbidden passionate kiss!

Sir Robert Logan has recently learned that his estranged father and brother have both been murdered and he is now Baron of Lestalric! Never thinking he would ever have to return to the home of his birth, more or less become its lord, Rob has spent the last decade learning humility as a knight. Robís grandfather, a renowned Knight Templar, had given a young Rob a clue to find a long buried treasure. Hearing the plots against him and the Lady Adela, Rob takes off with the lass to save them both. Searching for the treasure and staying one step ahead of those who would harm them both, Rob has his hands full with a not so demure Adela. It is all Rob can do not to give in to his yearnings for Adela, for to do so would risk all that holds Scotlandís future safe!

Another thrilling episode in the Macleod sistersí series from bestselling author Amanda Scott, Knightís Treasure keeps the excitement going. We previously met hero Rob in disguise in the last outing, Ladyís Choice when he rescued Lady Adela from the brutal Waldron. Lady Adela was a very strong and capable heroine in the earlier outing and keeps up her momentum in that direction in this one. Together they are a hot-blooded duo. It takes more then half the book for the two to connect, but when they finally do you wonít be sorry you indulged in Knightís Treasure. I am looking forward to younger sister Lady Sidonyís story next.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Bonnie.

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