by Harper Allen

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-51437-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #123
Mass Market Paperback

I admit that I have had some issues with Harper Allenís paranormal trilogy. I thought that the characters were too shallow and self-absorbed. However, I was still looking forward to reading the final book so that I could see how she tied everything together.

Some of the series questions have been answered. Tashya Crosse is the sister who was bitten as an infant and is doomed to turn vampire. I wondered how she would handle the truth, and how she would fight against the changes taking place.

As I started Dead is the New Black, I was encouraged. Tashya was fighting the newly-developed hunger for blood and the urge to slaughter her sisters. There was a rumor that her father was not dead, and a new, powerful Queen Vampire was about to hit town. This all was sounding pretty promising.

And then I hit the final straw.

Ms. Allen, not content with the cadre of characters who already speak English sprinkled with other languages, introduces us to Dmitri Malkovich. The Russian is on some mission that involves the Crosse sisters, and he cannot string a complete sentence together without language issues. From what I can gather, he is not even the love interest in this book, and the more I read, the more frustrated I became.

I gave up on Page 84. As a reviewer, this is the first time I have given up on a book I had started. After four years and hundreds of books, I have met my nemesis. I will give this book a mid-range rating because I have no idea how it turns out.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Paula.

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