by Jocelyn Kelley

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22009-7
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Mass Market Paperback

More than a decade has passed since Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine has called upon St. Judeís Abbey for assistance. Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor has seen her family torn asunder by ambition. With one chance to stop her son Richardís rebellion before it begins, Eleanor must once again ask the highly trained Sisters for help.

Isabella de Montfort knows all about family turmoil. When her father died, her four half-brothers sent her mother to a nunnery and Isabella to St. Judeís. Then they proceeded to wage war with each other over the family holdings. What she doesnít understand is why she has been chosen to aid the Queen. Her interests lay in science, not in weaponry or one of the other skills that the sisters have learned. However, once selected, she is determined to locate the missing documents and present them to the Queen.

Jordan le Courtenay has traveled to Keswick Priory to pay his last respects to a fallen friend. Jordan has seen enough death and wishes he had been able to stop Ryce from taking part in the tournament that proved to be his undoing. Now, as he stands at the graveside, he has learned that his friendís death is shrouded in mystery. Even the brothers at the priory are reluctant to discuss it, afraid of something, or someone.

Isabella waits as Jordan visits the gravesite. She was told that Jordan would be willing to help her. She hopes that his aunt, the Abbess, is right. Time is running out and she is no closer to the missing papers than she was at St. Judeís.

Author Jocelyn Kelley delivers another exciting installment in the St. Judeís series with My Lady Knight. Isabella is definitely an unconventional heroine, and Jordan is a battle-weary knight who yearns for peace. The mystery surrounding Ryceís death will thrust them both into danger as they try to find the missing documents and prevent civil war. As a reader, I appreciate the way that Ms. Kelley grounds her novels in fact and breathes life into history. My Lady Knight is sure to please.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Paula.

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