by Colleen Gleason

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22007-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Victoria Gardella Grantwoth is set to make her big debut in London Society. She's also about to make her debut to the underworld of vampires who lurk in the shadows. She's not quite sure which will be scarier to face: the scrutiny of the Ton or the bloodthirsty danger of the vampire.

Victoria is the latest in the Gardella line, the chosen person to face the vampires, the newest Venator. Victoria has a lot to learn including new fighting techniques and ways to kill vampires. Not to mention she's captured the interest of the elusive and handsome Marquess of Rockley. He's hunting Victoria to be his wife and while Victoria certainly returns the interest, she's not sure if she can balance being a Marchioness with being a Venator.

As the danger grows, and Lilith the Dark, the queen of vampires, returns to London to seek a deadly book, Victoria must find a way to defeat her while attending the many balls and teas that are all part of her debut. Danger is pressing in from both sides, can Victoria handle it?

Colleen Gleason's debut story in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles proves to be a striking and taut tale. Readers will immediately be pulled into the struggle Victoria faces as her life is pulled in two directions. The intriguing Gardella mythology also captures attention as Victoria deals with an ancient and important legacy.

The romance is perhaps secondary in some ways, though it certainly plays a part in Victoria's personal struggles. Unfortunately, the Marquess doesn't stand out as a dominant male figure in comparison to some of the more dark and brooding men Victoria comes across.

The Rest Falls Away provides a unique historical paranormal romance reading experience with its vicious vamps and its courageous and kick-butt heroine. There is a lot of fun and drama to be had within these pages, don't pass it up!

Reviewed in January 2007 by Sarah.

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