by Kresley Cole

April 2007
ISBN: 1-4165-0360-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

London, England


Highlander Hugh MacCarrick is one of the crown’s best and most lethal assassins. Trained at a young age by his mentor Edward Weyland, Hugh had fallen deeply in love with Weyland’s headstrong daughter Jane. Believing an ancient family curse that he would be doomed if he gave in to love, and that because of his profession he would never be good enough for Jane, Hugh had kept his distance for ten grueling years, but was never able to get the feisty English lass out of his heart. Now his Sine needed him! Threatened by Hugh’s sworn enemy, Davis Grey, a onetime colleague who has been turned to the dark side by his drug addiction, Weyland has no choice but to summon Hugh back to London to guard his most precious possession, his daughter Jane.

After a decade of pining for the handsome highlander who practically grew up with her, Jane has finally accepted the fact that Hugh is not coming back and has a suitor. But just when she is about to accept a marriage proposal, Jane gets a stunning surprise! Hugh MacCarrick is back, bigger and meaner then ever and here is the clincher; her father wants Jane to wed the brute! The marriage is to be a sham, left unconsummated only until Grey has been “neutralized” and the threat against Jane gone.

Hugh takes Jane on a flight for their lives into the Scottish highlands, and independent Jane angered by Hugh’s domineering attitude and orders decides its payback for those ten years; she is going to torture the highlander with lust! But then the plan backfires and both are consumed by passions that still flow hot and heavy between them. Jane and Hugh better be careful, because If You Desire, you fall in love!

I had looked forward to this second installment of the MacCarrick brothers’ trilogy, after reading the first, If You Dare more then two years ago. Author Kresley Cole delayed publication of If You Desire due to the increasing popularity of the paranormal trend, concentrating more on her work in that area. I believe this was detrimental to the flow of the trilogy, making it harder to remember details and why and what of who the MacCarricks are. I had issues with Hugh who is way over the top in alpha mode, and Jane was portrayed a bit too 21st century to be believable as a Victorian era woman. Try to look aside from the modern dialogue and mannerisms of the characters, and get into the heart of the romance then the satisfaction of the read can be achieved.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Bonnie.

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