by MaryJanice Davidson, Emma Holly, Vickie Taylor and Catherine Spangler

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21381-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Can what has been set into motion by the past be stopped in the present? Mix in one witch hunter and one handsome witch and anything is can happen. Maybe even the magic of love.

Witch Way is by author MaryJanice Davidson. This reviewer found Ms. Davidsonís story not to her taste. The wit or what is supposed to be witty is irritating at best. Rhea should have come off tough with a heart, but fell short of that. And, Chris comes across more pathetic than funny.

On a dark street corner a prostitute will cross paths with a very good-looking man. Donít let this fool you. She is no ordinary woman and he sure in the heck is no ordinary man.

Street Corners and Halos is by author Catherine Spangler. Ms. Spangler crafted the perfect blend of scorching heat and winning writing to hook this reader from the very first page. Ms. Spangler is definitely an author that is going nowhere but up in the paranormal genre.

A demon scientist has an agenda to find a specific male human. What she does not take into account is the sexual attraction that will burn hotter than any experiment she could have imagined.

The Demonís Angel is by author Emma Holly. What a sensuous premise to one of her familiar demon realms. Ms. Holly again pens a paranormal tale that will keep the readers glued until the last page. This story flowed like honey and dripped with carnality. The Demonís Angel is the most erotic of the four stories.

Take one hell raising daredevil and a breathtaking angel and you will get the makings of something so special that it will changed the colors of heaven and the darkness of hellóliterally!

Angel and the Hellraiser is by author Vickie Taylor. Ms. Taylorís ending story to this anthology completely and thoroughly touched and amazed this reviewer, with a beautiful tale of two individuals that come together in the most unusual way. It is also the crown jewel that outshined the other stories. Angel and the Hellraiser is written to tease, please and quite frankly too fresh for words. Bravo Ms. Taylor. This reviewer loved this story.

Demonís Delight is sure to please the paranormal reader that likes their stories hot and well written.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Janalee.