by Candace Camp

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77136-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Eleanor Scarbrough has always been an unconventional woman. The American heiress manages her own investments, maintains her own household (a very unusual one) and does not care about society’s conventions. This was never more evident than when she married Edmund Scarbrough, a talented, though frail, composer. Tongues wagged even more when the pair immediately de-camped from London for the warmer climate of Naples.

Edmund’s sudden death in a boating accident has set the ton to talking again, now that the widow has returned to London. Edmund’s overbearing mother is demanding that something must be done about this adventuress, this heartless fortune hunter who killed her beloved son. Lord Anthony Neale promises his sister that his nephew’s death will not go unremarked, and is determined to confront Eleanor.

Sparks are too tame a word to describe what flies when these two stubborn and independent people clash. Anthony cannot imagine that a woman as lush and sensual could ever feel passionately about his sickly nephew. It is obvious to him that she wanted to control the estate and is using her new-found fortune to harass his grieving sister and niece. Eleanor knows immediately that Anthony has found her lacking and makes no effort to set the record straight. He is an insufferable boor.

Author Candace Camp continues to delight readers with A Dangerous Man. Full of wit and interesting characters, the novel offers romance, danger and a mystery. I will admit that I was disappointed to have picked out the villain too quickly, but the foundation of the story is very entertaining nonetheless.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Paula.

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