by Anthology

January 2007
ISBN: 0-373-71392-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Who Needs Cupid? is on the minds of Elle Adams, Lucky Morgan and Rebecca Potter. After much discussion, it has been decided to just kill the little guy or prove the small cherub cannot do his job.

The Max Factor by Debra Salonen is such a charming story with Elle Adams as the main character. Her idea to bring her new business, Cup O’Love CafEand Gifts, and Valentines Day together. She is hoping that it will help to keep the doors open, for time is running out as well as money. One of her very good friends, Max, will help her with all the wireless connections and get the ball rolling. Will Max and Elle realize that they are meant for each other and what will Cupid have to do with this? Since Elle believes that Cupid has not been there for her, will this time be different? Will Max be able to make her understand what love really is?

A Valentine For Rebecca by Molly O’Keefe lets us look into the character of Rebecca Potter. With her talent of art she is helping her Aunt, Elle Adams, to make cards for The CafE When not working part time for her parents as an accountant she is holding art classes in the room above the coffee shop. This causes trouble for her aunt from Rebecca’s mother but it is one that will hopefully work out in the end. Unknown to most, Rebecca, also called Becca, has a crush on the father of one of her students. Will Cupid work on his own to bring these two together or will there be help from a child who sees what they do not? What will those who know Becca think of her love for cards and the talent of her art?

Lucky In Love by Susan Floyd brings the last of these three wonderful people together along with the work of Cupid. What will it take for Lucky Morgan to realize she needs to be with the one person she has always depended on, her friend, Josh. When Josh says he is leaving town, leaving the church and making a new start what will happen to them? Will Lucky find that she needs to follow her heart? Will Josh help her or does Cupid do the work for them?

I enjoyed each of these stories but had a hard time reading the second and third for I had some of the answers going back to the first or second depending on which one you are reading. Each author showed tenderness and romance in such a way that the character did not see the love right in front of them. I would be very happy to share my book with others.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Theresa.

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