by L. A. Kelly

February 2007
ISBN: 0-8007-3156-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Revell
Trade Paperback

Tahn Dorn is preparing to marry his sweetheart, Nettie, the next day. Now they were going their separate ways so Nettie could have a party with her friends and Tahn would be having a groom’s party. Tahn is feeling insecure and sends many guards along with Nettie so she’ll arrive home safely. Nettie promises to leave the party by ten p.m.

As the tenth hour nears, Tahn starts feeling even more anxious and he and his friends decide to ride out to meet Nettie. But when they near the halfway mark, they begin to find bodies. The guards are brutally murdered. The driver of the carriage is dead. And the carriage is overturned. The Lady Nettie is missing.

Tahn is desperate. A rainstorm has washed away any trail, and they can find no clues. Then a small boy arrives with a message. Tahn needs to follow directions to the letter or the lady will die. Will Tahn ever see his beloved Nettie again?

The Scarlet Trefoil is the third book in the series, and readers will want to begin at the beginning to get the full story. The tale is full of action, though it was clear through foreshadowing that Tahn expected Nettie to be kidnapped that evening. The faith message is expertly woven in, though spots did tend to get a bit preachy.

The characters are realistically developed and believable. I could also envision the setting. Once I picked up this book I had to keep reading, even though historicals are not my favorite genre. The action is nonstop. I couldn’t keep from hoping that Tahn would find Nettie and that everything would be fine. Pick up your copy today.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Laura.

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