by Margaret Weis, Lizz Weis

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-083325-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Let me start off by telling a little about me. My name is Derek, and I was Knight in the holy order of the Knights Templar, who fought for my Lord and God. I died for him too. Now you would think that would be good enough to get me into heaven—nope. I ended up in Purgatory, which turned out being right up my alley. I get to fight—and I love fighting—keeping the archfiends of hell from humanity.

Then one day, I am taken out of my element, put in a monkey suit, turned human and to top it all off, I have to guard a woman. Now, you have to remember, I died in the thirteen hundreds when women were protected and provided for by their men. Women back then were quiet, meek creatures that were mothers and caregivers to the family and their men. In the twenty-first century, I am totally unprepared for how much things have changed and women are nothing like I remember them. They are now demanding, loud and, well, pushy. And to be fair, I am gruff, have the patience of a bull with a red flag waving in my face, and have no idea how to treat humans anymore. What the hell were the angels thinking giving me this assignment? Heaven help me…

Warrior Angel is by authors Margaret and Lizz Weis. This is the first novel this reviewer has read by this dynamic dual authorship and will not be the last. What a brilliantly contrived tale spun with originality and fine pencrafting. Warrior Angel works on every level. The characters are believable, likable, and undeniable naughty at all the right times to procure the perfect read. The premise is crisp and fresh, carrying this reviewer away and right into the very heart of its fantastic tale of right, wrong, and the pursuit of love between two charismatic people. Margaret and Lizz Weis wrote one of the best urban fantasies of 2007.

Derek is way out of his league when he is put back on Earth to be a doorman at Rachel Duncan’s building, to watch over her. Man, he hates being human again, especially having to deal with a woman that breaths fire, wears pants and does this all without a man by her side to take care of her. What has the world come to?

He does find Rachel very attractive, yet a little too forceful. But, who is he to talk. He has the manners of a slug and can hardly stand this new age of the world. What the heck is he really doing back here on Earth? Will he ever get the hang of being human again? This really is a fate worse than death!

Buy! That is all this reviewer can say. Warrior Angel by Margaret and Lizz Weis is a superb urban fantasy that will take you on a journey that will undoubtedly be one of your favorites and a keeper. It is a 5-rose winner and comes highly recommend by this reviewer.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Janalee.